Friday, October 2, 2009

For sites that need translation you can use these two translator links:
Boatload of tutorial links, do check out the Faux section, it's the best. This site is in English.

Here are some international polymer clay link pages and miniature tutorial pages:
Translate from Russian to your language of choice.
The majority of visitors to her website from another country come from this page. She's evidently popular in Russia.
Another Russian page of links, lots of cute stuff here.
German tute link page, translate to the language of your choice.
Japanese tutorial page, they show how to use a miniature pastry bag to make spaghetti, there's a tute on making "jellies" using resin. As her mother would say, "belly intelesting". LOL
Japanese tutorials from Mr. X's secret site
French tute link page

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