Friday, October 2, 2009

Cynthia Howe Tutorial Index

Here is a virtual treasure chest of
27 tutorials --- including the very
latest addition "Cold Porcelain" .
What a variety of wonderful and
well written tutorials.

The Basics of Miniature Dollmaking:
o Casting Miniature Doll Molds
o Wet Cleaning Greenware Techniques
o Cleaning and Preparing Greenware
o China Painting Basics
o Assembling a Miniature Doll Body

Costuming Projects and Lessons:
o Dressing Adrianna
o Costuming Chloe
o Doo Wop Dorothy
o Dressing Dorothy of Oz
o French Handsewing by Machine - In Miniature!
o Create Scarlett's Barbeque Dress
o Design and Print your own Fabric using Your Home Computer and Printer

Millinery in Miniature: Series of four lessons on Miniature Hatmaking
o Lesson 1 - Basic Construction Techniques
o Lesson 2 - Embellishments and Trimmings
o Lesson 3 - Wired Brims and Molded Crown
o Lesson 4 - References and Resources Hairstying for Miniature Dolls:
o Create A Regency Era Hairstyle
o Create an Edwardian Upsweep Hairstyle

Ribbon Techniques:
o How to Make Silk Ribbon Roses
o How to Make Gorgeous Bows using my Bowmaking Tool

Seasonal and Fun Projects:
o Create a Halloween Scene in a Pumpkin
o Christmas Madonna and Child
o Make an Old Fashioned Santa Ornament
o Make a Fantasy Fairy
o Make a Fantasy Mermaid

NEW!! Working with Cold Porcelain:
o Making your own Cold Porcelain, recipe and instructions
o Making beautiful roses from cold porcelain

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