Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas Wreath

Required materials:

◦ornaments FL430, DV730 and FL286
◦30 cm red silk ribbon 2mm wide
◦thin green wire or florist wire
◦holly leaves and holly berries
◦tacky glue, scissors, side cutting pliers, file

Tie the little bell DV730 to the middle of a piece of
red silk ribbon about 20 cm long.

Thread the two ends of the ribbon to each side through
the holes of the inner circle of ornament FL430.
Make sure the bell keeps hanging loose.
To make the threading easier put some tacky glue on
the outer ends of the ribbon and give it a twist.
When you have reached the middle below the bell put
the ribbons backwards through a hole of Fl 430

Cut a buckle of ornament FL286 with the cutting pliers.
File the edge smooth with the file if necessary.

Put the buckle on the two ribbons and put some tacky glue
on the back of the buckle to make it stick. Cut the ribbons
slantwise to the desired length. Make a little loop with
a piece of red ribbon and attach it to the top of FL430.

Attach little pieces of green wire to FL430 by putting the wire through the holes of FL430 and bending it resembling little twigs.
Glue holly leaves and holly berries to the wire.


  1. This is so pretty! It would be perfect for the swap! :)

  2. Where the pics removed from this tut? I can't see them.

  3. Does anyone have the photos for this tutorial? if so can you please share them so we can see how it looks when finished. Thanks!