Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Polymer Clay Faux Wood

You'll find the tutorial on my other blog

Letter Writing Portfolio

This is my very first tutorial! Because of the many photos in it, I turned it into a PDF file which you'll be able to hardcopy as well ...and then because blogger doesn't seem to like that format, I changed each page into a JPG.
I know those of you reading this blog through a reader will not be able to get an automatic translation but with so many pictures, you should have no problem understanding it anyway.


If you click each picture, it should enlarge....

Produce Scale

produce scale

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flower Kits

Not sure who or where I got this from. If it's yours, please let me know & I'll make sure to acknowledge you....

This one is a fast and easy plant if you have one of the tiny flower punches. Grab a pot, bend a wire. Glue it in the pot and start covering the top half with the tiny flowers that have been cupped. I just smear glue on it and start picking up the flowers with tweezers and filling the top up as much as possible.
Then cut about five long blade shaped green leaves. Curl them with your scissors. Stick them around the stem with white glue. Sprinkle a bit of dirt to cover the glue.and you are done.... Hyacinth in a jiffy. You can make them in whatever color you want. I just happened to have purple.

The other two flowers in the photo are another very old, very faded Hyacinth and a generic daisy type flower that I whipped up with one of the flower punches. Three layers were pierced in the center and strung on a piece of wire. The top end was painted brown and leaves stuck on.

More instant flowers. All you need is the right punches.

Wire Wrap Jewelry - Videos

making wire wrapped jewelry

From the Creager Studio: Face Sculpting

Making Snack & Junk Foods

doughnuts, pop corn, cheezies, corn chips, french fries, & potato chips made from clay.

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone

Cold Porcelain Doll Head

Creating a doll head from cold porcelain ... step-by-step video

Eye Painting http://newclaynews.blogspot.com/2010/04/painting-eyes-on-your-clay-figure.html

Sculpt a Rearing Horse

Rearing Horse

Clay Birdcage

birdcage by Sue Heaser

Basic Trunk & Hinges from Scrap Metal

Make a Miniature Tack Box / Basic Chest

Make Simple Scale Hinges From Scraps of Metal

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sculpting dolls

This is a multi-part tutorial.....

Body Proportions and Sizes for Miniature Dolls

Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Head

Sculpt a Miniature Doll House Dolls Torso

Easy Ways to Pad a Doll's Body

Sculpt Feet for a Miniature Doll

Sculpt a Miniature Doll's Hands

Interesting Clay Facts

In several of the groups that I belong to the conversation has been about storing clay
How To Store Polymer Clay, Its Effect On Clear Polystyrene And Polypropylene Plastic Containers

and while I was looking I found this:
How To Transfer Image Without Using Any Liquid Polymer Gel